Google NEXUS Android Tablets

Google NEXUS Android Tablets are in the news again, as the sources news has come that Google is planning to launch its own Nexus line of Android tablets at a low cost of $149 with 5 Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Like Nexus smart-phones the Google aims to cover the market with OEM strategically.

Google NEXUS Android Tablets

With 5 different OEM’s the Google Nexus line of android tablet is planning to cover every segment it can as every OEM can manufacture it’s own Nexus tablet. With different hardware and software integrations the user can have different Google experience. It will also help Google take a better control over the features and applications it can integrate with the OEM’s.

Lastly, Google has always followed a proactive approach to take over the market and manufacturing Nexus tablet with multiple manufacturers will make Google boost the Android tablet over Apple ipad.

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