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Google+ and Facebook both are social networking sites that are quiet popular amongst the crowd today. But the fight between both about which among them being the best is on since Google+ came into existence. Within 10 months of existence of Google+, it has more than 170 million registered users.


The popularity of Google+ against Facebook within Android users can also be measured with the stats given by Betanews.com. According to the users of Facebook, the user might have 500 people on their friend list but the interaction within the list is low. While in case of Google+ people among a user’s circle might be less, but the interaction is more due the common interest shared.

With this popularity we can consider Google+ a better social media for people to promote their brand. So the users still using Facebook switch yourself to Google+ now and experience a new era. The war between Like and Plus is on. Which one do you consider better for yourself readers???

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