Best Gaming Apps Of Android In 2012

With improvement in global reach of Android in smart-phones and tablets markets the availability of number of application in every domain has also increased. Thousand of applications are there for the users in the market. Amongst all the applications gaming application is quite the famous. Below listed are some of the best gaming applications of 2012 in the Android market.

  • Angry Birds: This is quite an old gaming application developed and then released by Rovio Mobiles in 2009. It is strategy puzzle video game that has been a success since beginning. Now again the makers of Angry birds are going to release a new game named Amazing Alex. It is a must to DOWNLOAD gaming application on your Android device.
  • Jewels: It is an addictive fun match puzzle game where the users have to make a set of 3 jewels to remove them from the game board. The game is available in 4 modes: Normal, Timed, Quick and Infinite with a clean and smooth look and feel. DOWNLOAD this game now and enjoy the addiction.
  • Basketball Shot: It is one of the most popular gaming applications under Basketball games of Android. It is a target based game where to come up to the next level the user must complete the given target. Tap fast to maximum make score in limited time. Doesn’t have this game yet on your Android device, DOWNLOAD it now for free.
  • Fruit Slice: This also one of the best games of fruit on Android where you just have to swipe a finger on the fruit to cut it but don’t swipe your finger on the bomb or else your game is over. The size of the application is very small so it never affects the speed of the device. Enjoy slicing of fruits, DOWNLOAD the game now on your Android Device.
  • Temple Run: This is an endless game that has gained its popularity in a very little time. The user has to get out of the booby trap with the treasure it has hunted. Score the highest by running endlessly, DOWNLOAD the gaming application now.
  • Ninja Run: Like Temple Run it is also an endless game where the user has to run endlessly without hitting itself with the obstacles present in its way with the extra cool ninja skills offered by the game. Be the coolest ninja, DOWNLOAD the application in your smart-phone or tablet.

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