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Does anybody know operating system other than Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows? Yes or No. Tizen using Android Application this is a new OS and so neither must have heard about it. Tizen OS has taken birth out of Samsung Linux Platform OS. The OS has launched its version 1.0 on 30 April 2012 and is code named Larkspur. It is an open source mobile OS and is based on HTML 5. The first release of device with this operating system is planned in Quarter 2 of 2012.

Intel has announced a Tizen developer contest where advices and feedbacks on writing the applications of Tizen will be shared. But a till that the story is, this OS is it is following the path of RIM i.e. like Blackberry playbook is running Android application, the same is with the devices of Tizen, it is also running android applications. Lets see what effect is it going to bring to the market as the launch of the first device with this new OS is awaited.

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