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QRU? is a new android application that has launched on Android on September 19, 2012, also the application is available on IOS, Windows symbian etc. With this application the users can share contacts and many other fields related to contacts as QR code that can be scanned on other platforms as well. The application lets the users share the contacts with anybody.

User can share contact fields like:

  • Name
  • Phone number/ mobile number
  • Email address/ postal address
  • Websites, events and notes

DOWNLOAD this android application o share the information in the form of QR code.

What’s My IQ?


It is new puzzle based game launched on September 13, 2012. the game has creative puzzles with absurd solutions that gives users IQ score at the end of the day. Since the application is integrated with facebook, check out the highest scorer of the day amongst your friends.

Features of this Android application:

  • The application has more than 50 puzzle and cunning gaming questions.
  • The puzzle questions have absurd solutions that cannot be guessed simply.
  • This is a very addictive game that can be played by users of all ages.
  • The application is integrated with Facebook, so compete with your friends.

DOWNLOAD this addictive and funny game now on your Android smart-phone.


On September 9, 2012 a new finance based application Personal Finances has been released on Android. With this application the users can manage its personal expenses simply and easily to take care of the budget of user using the application

DOWNLOAD the application to manage personal expenses and savings of the users.

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