Android Party In Barcelona

Mobile World Congress is one of the largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry held in Barcelona every year in February. This year it was from 27 February, 2012 to 1st March, 2012. It was shifted from Cannes,France in 2006 to Barcelona,Spain till 2018. Barcelona considered as one of the biggest tourist spot of the planet spent a heavy amount on this event and it attracted approximately 67000 people from all over the world. Andy Rubin, the maker of Android Inc. also attended the event. GSMA, the event organizer of Mobile World Congress declared Barcelona as the first “Mobile World Capital”.

Fun Android Party In Barcelona

                    Fira Monjutic

Previously the event was conducted at Fira Montjuic but from next year it’s new venue will be Fira Gran Via. It is designed by a Japanese architect Toyo Ito. The new complex is three times in space as compared to the old one. It is 240,000 sq. meters space with twin towers representing the Venetian Towers at Fira Montjuic.

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