Android OS vs Blackberry OS

 	Android Guys vs Blackberry Guys

Nowadays, with so many different operating systems it has become difficult for the smart-phone manufacturers to decide which to choose. Every OS has it’s own unique feature that cannot let do comparison between two operating system.  But nowadays users due to some or the other reason select  Android smart-phone so here is a small review comparing both OS because its Android OS Vs BlackBerry OS.

If we talk about  Android smart-phone  suitable for business purpose or email configuration, the first name that strikes to us is Blackberry. But there are few reasons why Android guys are still ruling on Blackberry guys.

1)    The unlimited number of application of Android and its open and customizable nature.  But Blackberry has quiet limited applications as compared to Android applications and cannot be customized easily.

2)    Also if we consider in terms of choices then we have unlimited choice of Android handsets, tablets and other devices. It’s web browser also being slow results in poor response time. On the other hand if we consider the criteria with Android you can choose your own web browser according to your handset.

3)    Android can run multiple applications at the same time with best synchronization of contacts, mails and personal information at the same time. In case of Blackberry a third party software needs to be installed in your system.

Thus, between the Android OS & BlackBerry OS it is quiet easy to say which is the best choice for you because in today’s world users want a handset that has not only best applications but can also work according to the preference of the user. This is my perception, but for our blog readers perception is equally important, so please do share your views.


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