Introduction to Ice-Cream Sandwich OS

Android version 4.0 also code named Ice-cream Sandwich is the latest version by Android Inc. It is based on Linux Kernel 3.0.1. and was launched on 19 October 2011 but the source code of this version was availed on 14 November 2011. The best part of this version is it’s entire new look and feel. The first smart phone that used this version was Samsung GalaxyNexus and was release on 17 November 2011.The Story Of Ice-Cream Sandwich

As we all know the most prominent feature of this operating system is its open and customizable nature that helps in better interaction with your handset. This results in better connectivity and sharing with the world in a simple, beautiful and yet useful manner.The Story Of Ice-Cream Sandwich

Introduction to IceCream Sandwich OS Android 4.0

With every new version come new features. The launch of android version 4.0 also includes new applications and features. The main issue that a user is concerned while getting a android smart phone is it’s user interface. Keeping in mind this feature the android 4.0 makers have worked upon it to give a better interaction. Using virtual buttons you can navigate easily from one application to other. A new tray has been introduced on the home screen to add you favorite applications or create shortcuts for instant access. Now you can customize the size of widgets too present on your home screen. Also you can do a lot more with your locked screen as well.

Quick response to incoming calls is also another factor needed to be considered. So, incase a call has to be dismissed a better messaging with just a tap is availed without even unlocking the screen. You can check spelling of the text written that in turn improves text-input. You can also dictate the text with a continuous “open microphone”. A better accessibility for users having visionary problems is also available. A new application newPeople is used to create link between social networks, profiles and contacts

The Story Of Ice-Cream Sandwich

A calendar application is also included to help organize your appointments and events to keep synchronization between work, personal life and social life. A camera to capture your special moments is available that gives a rich and versatile picture quality to the user. A gallery application is given to manage and share photos through email, text message or Bluetooth.  Live effects application is given to change background or make silly faces during video chat in Google talk.The Story Of Ice-Cream Sandwich

Better way to do browsing on your android phone is also available. You can manage and synchronize your Google chrome bookmarks or you can jump to your favorite content instantly.  To send, read and manage your email also an application has been added. The most interesting and completely new feature of this version is the Face Unlocking application that will register a face during a setup and then while unlocking the device face recognition is done.

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  1. Very neat! Just bought a Nexus via Google. Can’t wait.

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