The distinct keyword in here is “evolving” and it presents a flurry of promising opportunities for the Indian Automotive Industry when viewed from a larger perspective. Majority of the Auto Players now rely on effective social media techniques to gain a firm footing and to nudge ahead in the race. Product experience is important on one hand but what really calls the shots these days is the online experience. Consider it as the main communicative face of your business which is ought to drive in substantial revenues. An honest comparison of the past and present scenarios makes us realize that there is a definite shift towards digitalization of the processes and marketing strategies in place. For brands, being digital in today’s competitive world is a crucial and mainstay consideration parameter for many of the buyers out there. Moreover in the domain of luxury and supercars, digital media comes across as a revolutionist and qualifies as a superlative tool for the brand promoters who look to deliver the key message at the right time to the right target audience. This comes as the biggest rewarding phase because it enables precise and thoughtful tactics at the onset for the course of action that follows. What keeps us ahead in the race is the way we cater to the extra receptive nature of potential buyers and auto enthusiasts who are constantly in search for information fulfilling either their purchase decisions or knowledge bases.

Automotive giants like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, BMW & Audi these days  resort to special and crisp creatives on Facebook ,Instagram , Twitter and the like educating people on the latest technologies which their models imbibe. Apt delivery along with the timing plays the key role here! Because the player who creates the first novel impression and rapport online is often the one ending up with the desired website visitors. Digital Media can be considered as a keen observer of your immediate short term goals along with doing a deliberate alignment with where you intend to be!


This definitely opens room for corrections and alterations early on. For example:- There can be a huge difference between the way HNI clients having a keen interest in a flagship saloon getting engaged by a message vis-à-vis the brand’s normal clan of followers  that makes you direct extraordinary engagement themes towards the specialized group, which in this case being the High net worth group for maximized returns. Making the public aware of what’s trending in your showroom through effective uploading of stories serves to be the ideal interest generator. Yes, people certainly want to explore more about a brand but in their comfort zones. Stories on Facebook and Instagram can get you a substantial amount of views ,  perhaps can even lay the foundation for breaking the record in near future.


Stock information, swipe ups, Ask us, going live, hashtags and boomerangs are a part and parcel for the automotive giants on instagram to keep their followers hooked for good.


The design & outline of the website merit a primary consideration as they’ll be instrumental in the first few seconds/minutes when visitors browse and toggle through the pages. Having proper call to action buttons, meaningful content such as blogs and automotive news and meticulously drafted stock information with appropriate pictures & just the right amount of information can turn the tide in your favour. Again, the success mantra lies in how unique one can get in executing this compared to others. Focus should be on how to reduce the bounce rate while securing a competitive SEO rank in terms of search results. Use of certain keywords relating to your business, target market, inventory and location is of utmost important since people wish to get results based on typing a single digit.


Increasing the user’s online stay through an effective online booking mechanism for cars or via appealing wallpapers for the category who aspire something new and different serve the dual purpose for getting in more traffic.


Online reputation is another key factor for your authenticity in the eyes of the consumers that quickly eradicates the apprehensions of mistrust and fraud.

Customer testimonials work best in this regard along with having a certified rating from Google.


In the present 21st century, digitalization is one step forward compared to the Brick and mortar business model for the Auto Industry and it has certainly changed the way people perceive and view cars.

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