Sanitisation made easy with this UVC Appliance

It was in 1978 when the scientists discovered that UVC (ultra violet C) radiation being a short wavelength light can be used to kill bacteria and microorganisms. UV light has been used for sanitisation of drinking water for more than a century now. It is also used as a standard method of sterilisation in hospitals, factories and offices. Since some microorganisms are resistant to chemical disinfectants like chlorine, the UV sanitisation or Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a far better option. It is the intensity and wavelength of the UV radiation and the exposure time that define the effectiveness of the sanitisation.



Using this failsafe sanitisation method, Orient Electric, one of the India’s leading consumer durables brands, has launched UV Sanitech for surface sanitisation of all inanimate objects. The unit works by exposing everyday objects to UV-C rays in a safe and contained manner to kill viruses including coronavirus. It uses two UV-C lamps to generate sufficient heat inside the box for a fixed duration of 4 minutes, which is good enough to kill all the viruses and bacteria. The duration is controlled automatically with the pre-set electronic timer.




You can place almost any object inside the 34-litres box such as mobile phone, keys, cash, gloves, mask, earphones, toys, newspaper, shoes, bottles, wallet, groceries, fruits, vegetables, etc. The large capacity helps you put more than one object at a single time.
Of all the sanitisation solutions I have come across, this is by far the most effective and safest solution. The key features of Orient UV Sanitech are as follows.

  • 360-degree surface sanitization
  • Kills over 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi on exposed surfaces
  • 4-minute pre-set timer with LED display to ensure effective sanitisation
  • Compact box design with metallic door to ensure no spillage of UV-C rays
  • Top-loading features makes it easy to use

No direct eye and skin contact with UV lights


The best thing about this Orient UV Sanitech sanitisation chamber is that unlike other products, it has been neatly designed keeping safety aspect in mind and has been optimised in terms of exposure to UV rays, exposure time and uniformity of sanitisation.

It’s time that you say good bye to the sanitisers and go for this UVC box to prevent coronavirus getting in your homes and offices through contaminated surfaces of everyday use objects. Orient UV Sanitech is available on Flipkart and Amazon.

To know more about UV Sanitech, head to the website and also checkout this video to know how it works!

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