Orient electric Launches Energy Saving, IoT Enabled i-Series Fans

Orient Electric Limited, which is a part of the diversified $2.4 billion CK Birla Group, has recently launched its new i-Series range of ceiling fans that promises to save 50 percent in energy consumption. These modern technology ceiling fans can cut down electricity cost and manage surge protection. The launch is part of the company’s plans to come up as a leader in the segment of energy-efficient fans while also gaining more ground in the premium fans segment.

Orient aims to increase its market share in the premium fan segment with this launch. Rakesh Khanna who is managing director and chief executive officer of Orient Electric Limited has said that the launched products and range is in line with the government’s push for energy conservation as well as the climate emergency and rise of environmentally conscious consumerism.

This new range of inverter motor-based fans includes models like
*The i-Floral,
*Hector 500 and
*The IoT-enabled and voice-controlled i-Float model.

The entire range is available in several colours and designs. The new range includes fans with aesthetically pleasing designs, aerodynamically designed, super-efficient noiseless motor, 100% rust-free blades and high gloss premium finish. The i-Float fan is also available with IoT option and can function with full ease via Orient Smart mobile app or with voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. Pricing for the Orient i-Series fans starts at INR 2850.

Orient i-Series fans are BEE 5-star rated and have 50 per cent improved service value than the mediocre fans. These fans impart fabulous 230 CMM of air delivery and run silently and efficiently even at low voltages which is a common problem across India.

The new i-Series fans have Inverter technology that helps reduce energy intake and manage the proposition when there is voltage fluctuation. These fans even helps in reducing your carbon footprint. According to Orient Electric, the traditional induction-motor based fans consume 70-75W of electricity, whereas Orient i-Series fans consume only 35W, thus reducing power consumption by half.

Atul Jain who is Executive Vice President of Orient Electric Limited said that “The government wants organizations to make products which are environment friendly and consumes less electricity. When you consume less electricity, you contribute to less carbon emissions needed to generate electricity. This helps in making the environment more sustainable. Also, the government has mandated that from July 2020, all fans in India should be star rated. All these multiple things – consumer requirement, social requirement and government mandating – made us think about how we can come closer to the environment”.


The fans are also BEE 5-star rated. In 2019, the Centre had ramped up minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for ceiling fans with existing 5-star rated fans becoming 1-star. As traditional induction-motor based fans consume 70-75W of electricity, while Orient i-Series fans consume only 35W. “With a modest assumption, if all fans installed in India are replaced with i-Series fans, it will help the nation to save 10.4 crore MWh of energy annually with cost savings of approximately Rs 67,780 crore. If the new ceiling fans sold also come with inverter motors, the savings will be bigger and incremental.

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