Nokia 8 Sirocco blends premium craftsmanship and latest innovation with Android 9 Pie upgrade

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has today announced that the Nokia 8 Sirocco will now begin receiving the latest Android operating system, Android 9 Pie.

With the Android 9 Pie upgrade arriving on the Nokia 8 Sirocco, a total of eight Nokia smartphones are now running the latest Android OS, giving users access to the latest features from Google.  The Android 9 Pie update ensures that Nokia smartphones improve with time, thanks to intuitive AI which learns user habits to ensure the most effective and efficient experience.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is an ultra-compact, beautifully designed powerhouse, blending Nokia’s premium craftsmanship with effortless performance. It takes creative storytelling to a new level, with its ZEISS optics and perfectly tuned acoustics.

Nokia 8 Sirocco users using Android 9 Pie will enjoy improvements to their smartphone experience based on their daily phone use. This is due to features like predictive system navigation, which adjust and anticipate each user’s personal needs.

Other new features of Android 9 Pie which will benefit Nokia 8 Sirocco users include App Actions and Digital Wellbeing, brand-new features exclusive to Android One devices and Google Pixel phones.

Key features of Android 9 Pie

  • App Actions – Helps you get things done faster by predicting your next move and displaying                the right action on your phone
  • Slices – Identifies relevant information of your favourite apps to make them more easily accessible when you need them
  • Adaptive Battery – Uses deep learning to understand usage patterns and prioritise battery             power on important apps
  • Adaptive Brightness – Automatically adapts phone brightness by learning from your           interactions
  • New system navigation – Features a single home button that provides intelligent predictions             and suggestions (user enabled)


Digital Wellbeing features:

  • Dashboard – Highlights screen time and phone usage including how many times device has              been unlocked and number of notifications received
  • App Timers – Set time limits on app usage
  • Wind Down and Do Not Disturb – Set a daily schedule to get your phone ready for bed. Your                   screen fades to Grayscale, while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a restful sleep. You               can activate Do Not Disturb anytime you want to disconnect.

Nokia smartphone Android Oreo™ and Android 9 Pie upgrade dates

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, officially launches 1st December 2016
First Nokia Android smartphone, the Nokia 6, is announced 8th January 2017
Nokia phones beta labs goes live 25th October 2017
Nokia 8 Beta Labs 8.0 25th October 2017
Beta Labs 8.1 23rd January 2018
8.0 24th November 2017
8.1 13th February 2018
Beta Labs 9 Pie 11th December 2018
Android 9 Pie 19th December 2018
Nokia 8 Sirocco 8.1 10th April 2018
Android 9 Pie 9th January 2019
Nokia 7 plus Android developer preview (Android 9) 08th May 2018
Android 9 Pie 28th September 2018
Nokia 7.1 Android 9 Pie 27th November 2018
Nokia 6 Beta Labs 8.0 19th December 2017
8.0 30th January 2018
8.1 28th March 2018
Nokia 6.1 Android 9 Pie 30th October 2018
Nokia 6.1 Plus Beta Labs 9 Pie 9th October 2018
Android 9 Pie 31st October 2018
Nokia 5 Beta Labs 8.0 12th December 2017
8.0 30th January 2018
8.1 28th March 2018
Nokia 5.1 Plus Android 9 Pie 27th December 2018
Nokia 3 Beta Labs 8.0 26th February 2018
8.0 11th April 2018

*Roll out to markets is operator dependant

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