Mivi’s truly made in India soundbars have made record sales on launch day

Mivi, India’s leading home-grown electronics company,  launched their inventive and ‘truly Made in India’ range of sound bars in two different variants the “S16” and the “S24”. The company sold 8000 units and stocked out on the products just hours after launch.In the first 10 minutes of the launch they sold 1000 units of soundbars, making Mivi the first brand in India to receive this immense response in the home audio segment.


This product is an extension of their Fort soundbar series which was a great success in the home audio segment in India. During their previous launch in this segment, they had sold 3500 soundbars which is the highest record of sales in the home audio segment on day one. Both the soundbars have a battery life of six hours at 70% volume along with 16W cinematic sound effect for the S16 and 24W cinematic sound effect for the S24. The sound bars are made with premium quality material for high performance and durability.

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