Introducing Flip board BETA version for Android

FlipBoard is a collection of different social media in the form of magazine format and the user can flip from one application to another. Initially the application was availed for IOS, but now a beta version is introduced for Android users as well. The demo of the Flipboard for Android was given with Samsung Galaxy SIII where the working of the application was shown on the home screen of the Galaxy range.


The application initially designed for ipad has a very innovative user interface and the user feels like it is reading a book. Initially you could save 9 different publications on your home-screen and the user can read article from those 9 publications presented in the form of apps. But after updates done the user can read article on the basis of subject of preferences. The user can also read its tweets and facebook feeds and updates using this application.


Android Handset users waiting to have this experience with the official launch of the application can judge how good the feel of using it will be after watching the video above.

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