International Calling made affordable with Nimbuzz

As you know, Nimbuzz is all about communication and connecting with the world. Expressing yourself through text or voice or face-to-face has been made easy and fantastic by this application. Nimbuzz blends the potential of internet with that of the mobile utility and makes the art of communication into a two way lively channel where ideas, thoughts and dreams are shared and exchanged among people. With Nimbuzz, you can make calls, send messages and chat with your friends. Sharing your photos, music and videos is another benefit you enjoy on any mobile phone for free. Stay connected with your friends, check out who’s online and what they are doing. The software is available for Android, iPhone, Blackbery, Windows Phones, Nokia, Java and Kindle Fire. Besides, if you have Mac or Tablet, you can definitely avail Nimbuzz and be a part of the connected generation.

The ever increasing cost of international calling has always hampered the communication between people living astride the globe. Nevertheless, the global environment is such that territories do not limit the communication and the conversation flow freely and uninhibited. Keeping the goal of making a connected world which is ecological and beneficial to all both in intent and cost, Nimbuzz joined efforts with Spectranet and developed partnership.


(L - R) - Vikas Saxena, CEO Nimbuzz and Udit Mehrotra, CEO, Spectranet launched Spectranet hello ip, India's first low-cost international calling platform, powered by Nimbuzz

This partnership brought a new initiative towards giving communication freedom and gave birth to Spectranet hello ip. With Spectranet, Nimbuzz is all set to set trigger a revolution that will bring the end value back to customer. Through Spectranet hello ip, Nimbuzz users will be able to make international calls at very cheap prices, staring from one paisa per second.

Here we draw comparisons between different countries and operators, and you will know the expanse of cost you will be saving through the Nimbuzz’s collaboration with Spectranet:-

The rates are mostly announced for USA, Canada and United Kingdom. The operator rate for all these countries is 6 INR per minute while Spectranet hello ip rate is 0.60 INR per minute.




From this you can deduce that Spectranet hello ip users will succeed in saving almost 90% on their international calling. It is said with claim that international calling over the internet or VoIP couldn’t see much growth in Indian market, but Spectranet hell ip powered by Nimbuzz will undoubtedly make it big hit.

P.S: This service is applicable on all the mobile phones for free, and is available for Indian residents who would be calling abroad. It can be availed on all regular data and Wi Fi networks.

Happy Calling!

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