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IM Lock Internet Filter Software is one of the best and easy to use application which can be used for ensuring that quality work is being carried out in your office by your employees and quality surfing is done by kids is – COMVIGO IM Lock. This all will make you carefree from one of the thing that there is at least no in-appropriate web usage at your office and also at your home.

IM Lock – Internet Filter Software is one of the best blocking software that can be used for web security or web protection that will help you in filtering out all the porn websites, instant messages websites, chatting websites, Facebook, Hotmail Gmail, yahoo and all other that you want. All of these restrictions not only make you avail protection from the risks of internet viruses, which may be harmful for your computers, but also stops any kind of ill-legalized downloading on your computer.

Starting from the instant messages to the porn websites, you have the power to get rid of all of them with the help of some of the simple clicks on your computers. Or you can have the access with the help of your mobile phones sitting anywhere all around the world for having this power in your hand.

Control Your Network

* Check and Set the functions from a single terminal.

* Block the use of Instant Messaging (IM)

* Block Chats

* Block internet

* Web Ad Hoc Lock

* Lock Programs Ad Hoc

* current with LiveUpdate

* Programmer

* Lock Options Windows

* Control Panel Password Protected

Your Benefits

* Keep your employees and students focused on their work.

* Protect your organization against inappropriate web usage.

* Protect your computer against virus threats

* Avoid illegal downloads

* Protect the bandwidth of your network

* Take Control !

That’s not all Comvigo now presents Internet Filter application for Android Smartphones which is one of the most effective and efficient Internet Filtering software available for Android Smartphone, you can click on the link below to download it from Google Play.

Click to Download : Android Internet Filter


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