Happiness comes by Enabling HiPi Filters And Lenses , An Integrated Short video platform on ZEE5 app

ZEE5 which is  Zee Group’s over-the-top platform, they have  recently  launched its short video platform HiPi, which aims to engage “billions of Indians to embark on a journey from just being a fan to achieving fandom”. On their Instagram Page, they have tagling as “Get ready for FUN, FAME aur ENTERTAINMENT. Kyuki asli mazza Happens Only on HiPi!

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HiPi is extensively made in India and for Indians. HiPi isn’t a separate app and is incorporated inside of the ZEE5 app itself. There are many other segments in the ZEE5 app and HiPi is one of them. HiPionZEE5 allows users to create videos of up to 90 seconds — along with music tracks, filters, and visual effects. The company has brought over 400 influencers on board to start attracting new users.

The best thing about HiPi is that there will be no other subscription plans for HiPi. Users will be able to access HiPi and create short videos under the same ZEE5 subscription plan.


ZEE5 said in a statement that this launch is also in tune with the government’s focus on an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. “In the era of the Atmanirbhar Bharat, where users can be themselves and have fun in a brand safe, extremely creative and happy environment. HiPi is a perfect platform for content consumers, to content creators,” it claimed.


Image source: ZEE5.com


ZEE5 has been working towards building a super app and HiPi is a part of the journey.  Zee5 from inception always wanted to become a Super app. Over the last two and a half years, they have launched content from televisions, originals shows, live news, live TV, categories (kids, music videos, food), hypo casual gaming platform called the play, and more as part of the journey to be a Super app.”


Image source: ZEE5.com


And its very easy to use filters in HiPi. Just start creating HiPiT and then you will see a lot of features like adding timer, adding music, setting speed for your HiPiT video, applying filters and adding effects with a lot of options available.

There are Five main filters Action, Primary, Love n Beauty, Party and Retro.



Under these filter there are many sub filters like Blink, Four, White ,TV, Camera, Explosion, Three Grid, Camera, Circle, Closing, Closing 2 , Split ,Opening, Opening, Vingitte, Tri, Sparkles, Falling, Blossom, Twinkle, Sunshine, Red, Pink, Red, Frame, Rainbow, Sprint, Mirror, Party, Flash, Dhak, Golden ,Glitch, B , Print, Spooky, TV, Pixel



And There are Five Effects also like Action, Beauty, Trending, Plug Ins and Cute.



  • Under Action effect there are many sub effects like Bumble, Cowboy, Fading, Flame, SwagSkull, Metal, Pirate, Skull, Spider, Split.
  • Under Beauty effect there are many sub effects like Belly, Bride, Crown, Tiara, Frozen, Hotty, Petal, Pink , Vintage.
  • Under Trending effect there are many sub effects like Beach, Cool, Cyber, DJ, Fox, French, Helmet, Shopping, Space, Techno, Thug, Winter.
  • Under PlugIns effect, there are many sub effects like Carrot, Cat, Cat, Crying, Cute, Deer, Gift, Killer, Laser, Rabbit, Tears, TV.
  • Under Cute effect there are many sub effects like Bunny, Cat, Cat, Catty, Cute, Fish, Piggy, Pink, Rabbit.

So , A lot can #HappensOnHiPi by using these amazing filters and effects.


HiPi is indeed a platform for short videos that isn’t something similar to what’s already available on Zee5. But nonetheless, it has been provided as an integrated part of the Zee5 app only. You need to update the current ZEE5 app to access HiPi on your phone. The team at Zee5 also conducted a research on users to test what content type they consume as well as the devices they use for consuming that content. That research showed that users at a mass level would prefer to have a single destination where they were able to cut across various content types.


It is a platform truly made in India, made for India. HiPi has added various security features to make sure that safety is never compromised.

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