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Are you working with Java and Java Virtual Machine based technologies? If so then Geecon prompting JAVA world is a conference inPolandto be held today on 16 May 2012 is the right place for you. Speakers from all around the world come up and discuss about the latest technologies and its implementation with Java. Special attention is given to dynamic languages.


The event is organized in Ponzan atKrolowej Jadwigi Streetand more than 1500 people are going to attend the conference. The conference days are 17 May and 18 May and 39 speakers from all around the globe are going to give seminars on more than 40 different topics. Do attend the conference and enjoy your time learners with java experts.

If you want to reach the venue then just click the LINK and get to know the easiest way to reach the destination. Further to learn the schedule of the conference click the LINK and attend the seminar of the best java experts in the industry. Enjoy the conference….

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