Face Changer Android Application


Features of the application:

  • The application offers smudge tools to make the face look fat, thin; enlarge eyes or nose, make the ears pointed or the chin look longer or smaller.
  • The user can also add expression of face to smile or frown.
  • With draw tool user with any color can draw anything on the faces of the images.
  • With zoom tool user can zoom on smaller areas to add effects.
  • The application comes with many different objects like glasses, noses, mouth, beard, scars etc. that can be used to paste on the face by using object tool.
  • It has undo and redo option to take care of the mistakes done while editing face in the image.
  • The application is available in many different languages like English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and many more to support its world wide use.
  • The images with changed faces can be saved in the photo gallery of your Android smart-phone.
  • The image can be shared with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and on other image sharing applications.

So, readers I guess after reading this list of features you might be excited to use this application on your Android smart-phone to amaze and make fun of your friends at the same time.

DOWNLOAD the application for free from Android application market-place.

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