A visit to Orient Electric factory and experiencing #FansOfOrient

It was really amazing to get chance to visit and explore one of the largest manufacturers of ceiling fans in the India . Yes, The Orient Electric factory in Faridabad is the largest facility in India for engineering/manufacturing ceiling fans. For me, it is always fun to visit such factories and know about the engineering behind such work.

The moment I entered their Fans Display Zone, I was simply mesmerised to see the wide range of fans on display. From underlight fans and premium aerodynamic fans to wall fans and pedestal fans, they had everything inside the room.


It was interesting to know that Orient’s Faridabad plant alone has the capacity to supply more than a lakh fans in a month. With over sixty years of rich history, Orient is today the largest manufacturer and exporter of fans from India. Orient has above 320 service centres in India, and they also offer on-site after-sales service.

Speaking of their fans collection, “amazing” is the one word that comes to my mind. There were a variety of fans which we got chance to see. Some of the recently launched fans from Orient Electric are the aerodynamically designed Aerocool and Aerostorm  (You can it from here) which are inspired from Aerofoil design of aircraft wings and uses the winglet technology to further reduce the air cutting noise while giving an astounding air delivery of 300 CMM.



I really wanted to check their claim of low operating noise, so I first listened to the sound of another ceiling fan and then turned on the Aerostorm and Aerocool  (You can buy it from here ) one by one. Trust me, these fans are really silent.



The entire Orient Aeroseries range of fans has been designed keeping three things in mind – aesthetics, air delivery and noiseless operation. The key features of this silent fans are Aerodynamic profile blades for high air delivery and the blades are 100% Rust free, made with high-grade glass filled compounded ABS for power and longer life. The High-gloss premium finish with PU paint adds to the design quotient of these fans. Another notable thing is the seamless and integrated design of these fans which is sure to turn heads. One look at every fan in the Aeroseries range and you will get to know that it’s something new, different and innovative.

Some of the designer fan I liked a lot .

Taking a tour of the manufacturing and assembling area, we got to know what it takes to build a quality ceiling fan. It was amazing to see Orient Electric showing us step-by-step process of making a fan. A lot of testing and checking of product is done to make sure the final product is fault-free. I felt overwhelmed to know about all the efforts taken by Orient Electric to make us understand about the process of making fan and technology and thought process behind it.

Certainly, it was one of the finest experiences, and I feel fortunate to have been invited for the exclusive tour of Orient Electric factory in Faridabad. You can search for #FansOfOrient on Social Media to know more about our experience and images from Orient Electric Plant visit.

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