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Progress Together – Appreciating Everyone is an initiative by Axis Bank which motivated me to share my views with you. I still remember 27 April, 2012 – An idea hit me and I started a write a blog, a blog for android and tech enthusiast and today as I’m writing and sharing my experiences with you, not only I’m proud to be the writer of this blog but also satisfied & content with the appreciation and feedback received from all my readers. Today also I remember my first post “Welcome to EarthAndroid” and today almost a year later – close to 350,000 page views and I’m having readers to my blog from almost everywhere in the world.


Initially it was just a wild Plan to kill time, but today as the blog is growing bigger and better and getting more popular day by day, i comprehend that this is exactly, what I’ve been dreaming of subconsciously so far, all along – a computer-generated world, which modestly makes one’s life relaxed when it comes to selections in the Portable technology domain. It can be absolutely addictive realm where there is an entirely new possibility for gaining knowledge and refining creativity within yourself which will make you desire that this should have change your world a long ago.


Obviously this was not even possible without all the love, affection and support from my readers. It is this platform, which always there to provide reviews and information about the new technology advancement and thereby benefit all. This prompts me of campaign by AXIS bank which was started recently, Badhti ka naam zindagi, with a social network called ProgressTogether. This promotion highlights individual’s growth in life is connected with the growth of others. Enchanting the same principle forward, the website ProgressTogether.in emphases on how progress of one individual influence many others.ProgressTogether.in allows one to recognize those people who have assisted him or her growth & development in life. On the other hand, one also gets accredited by individuals for the transformations that one has made in their lives. Ultimately, the awareness is to construct an endless network of general public who have recognized one another, known as the Progress Network. This is at the zenith of our pyramid too. We will constantly endeavour to do better and with the upkeep and reactions received so far from our readers, the centre of superiority is at a near end than predicted.

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An android fan and A Computer Engineer who fell in love with the world of Internet Marketing. Worked on different SEO techniques for small to large Internet properties at Initial days of my Career. I am in love with my passion for Blogging and running several blogs in variety of category.

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