CF-SX4: A Damn Tough Machine

Panasonic’s new range of Toughbook laptops are designed for those who require high durability and reliability of exceptional quality. They are designed to be extremely resistant to turbulent weather and harsh conditions. The aspiration behind the Toughbook range of laptops and tabs is to provide devices to that work in harsh conditions or require a device which is reliable even in being roughly handled. Panasonic understands how in our day to day work life it is not always possible to take extra care of our equipment. It is essential that our laptop is well protected as we rely on it for storing sensitive data that is crucial for our work or business. The idea of the toughbook is to protect the delicate parts of the laptop such as the screen, keyboard or mouse pad. What is more important is the hard drive which is exposed to damage in most instances. Panasonic have manufactured their range of toughbooks in a specialized way so that these sensitive parts of the laptop are always well protected. They have proven to be hardy when dropped from a height of 76 cm and are resistant to dust, moisture, rough handling and water spillage. We are often concerned while carrying around our devices taking extra effort not to drop them or making sure that it is always placed safely. On using Panasonic toughbooks you no longer have to take up that extra effort. These devices are perfectly constructed for those who work in harsh environment or those who end up handling their devices roughly during the course of their work.

The Business Ruggedized Version of the Panasonic Toughbook is specifically designed to be efficient, durable as well as presentable. They are specifically crafted to be used by sales executives, business personals and creative workers to serve their various needs. These laptops are meant to provide secure storage of important data and information like business documents, spread sheets, contact information and much more. The CF-SX4 is a business ruggedized toughbook which carries all the essential features which you require to carry on your work with maximum efficiency and minimal hindrance. It features a 12”1 ultra wide screen which is accompanied by an optical disc drive. This makes the laptop to be conveniently light t handle. Other facilities include, the Intel Core i5 5300 vPro processor which is one of the most durable cores in the market with an efficiency of upto 2.30 GHz with Turbo boost up to 2.90 GHz. There is also a magnificent 4GB DDR3L RAM and 500GB HDD. With the CF-SX4 you need not worry about battery life or durability as it has a long lasting 9 hour battery life and is resistant to free fall from above 76 cm. It is also pressure tested with over 100 kgf weight. The CF-SX4 is perfect standardized business rugged model of the Panasonic Toughbook series, capable of delivering high efficiency performance with long lasting durability and strength. It allows you to focus more on your work rather than thinking about securing your laptop.


The Panasonic CF-SX4 has been crafted efficiently keeping in mind all the requirements that are expected in a business grade laptop. It has been designed to provide with processor that works at clock speed with 2.3 GHz and has a 12”1 full HD display that offer amazing visual result. This model of the ruggedized business series has sleek and gracious design which makes it presentable when you are going for sophisticated corporate meetings. Armed with the latest technology in chipset and graphics you have access to the best guaranteed visuals as it is enhanced HD 5500 graphic solutions. The display resolution gives you a stunning 1600×900 pixel capacity. This edition to the toughbook series has been innovated specifically for the business oriented clients. It provides you with 500GB HDD which is also why it has a sleek 1.19kgs weight for light handling. With a RAM frequency of 1600 MHz the i5 processor is sure to give you un-paralleled performance. You can also enjoy all sorts of multimedia on your Panasonic CF-SX4 as it comes with excellent speakers as well as an audio/video headphone jack available on its sides. Another added feature is the in-built microphone and webcam which can be used for recording videos and engaging video call conferences. Other amazing facilities, that increase the utility of the laptop, include v4.0 bluetooth, three USB ports as well as Ethernet and LAN connectivity.

Over all Panasonic has devised its CF-SX4 roughbook to not only be hardy but also be presentable. It is resistant to a free fall from above 76 cm along with being pressure tested. It is durable in harsh weather and will incur damage from dust, water spillage and even natural moisture. On top of all this the CF-SX4 features and sleek and fashionable design which any business executive would be proud to use in a corporate conference room. These toughbooks have been manufactured to match perfection. They can be used by field sales agents in their day to day to jobs where their work might involve rough handling. These devices are fully secure and assist in increasing the efficiency of work. Pharmaceutical companies also use Panasonic toughbooks like the CF-SX4 on a large scale for their pharma agents which are primary to their sales projects. These are one of the worlds best business graded ruggedized laptops which are appropriate for professional use. They are completely reliable to secure you vital data and are highly durable in the harshest situations. These devices include sophisticated security features like user password, security supervisor password as well as a storage lock for added security. It also includes a TPM which is Trusted Platform Module and an integrated Hardware Security Slot for restricted access only. The CF-SX4 is a stylized toughbook model which has been specifically manufactured for business usage as well as professional usage. It is full proofed secure package for storing and processing all of you important data without any fear of damage.

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