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Path is one of the light weight and popular application that is available for both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, this application provide user a social networking platform as well as for photo sharing application and by offering some unique features (we’ll talk about them later) which users can only find in this application. Path is specifically designed application for close friends and family members keeping in mind that user can always feel comfortable while sharing stuffs unlike in other popular social networking website like Facebook where you’ve to set various privacy settings etc. to share with specific group of people. Path makes you realize what you were missing and help you to be more involved than before and makes your friends and family knows what you’re upto and limiting your posts to special people only and not broadcasting to the world.

Path was released in November 2010 by David Morin & today also Path is just attracting more and more users that love networking. David Morin claims Path as “high quality social network” because it limits the users to 150 friends to encourage only high quality connections (which is quite interesting as all other social networking believes in more friends more popular concept) by putting up this limitation you can concentrate on quality not quantity and you can be yourself while sharing your personal life on social network hence keeping it more meaningful. Path was an idea on which a star team worked for & we all are enjoying this application that was developed by an all-star crew…

  • Dave Morin (ex Facebook Employ)
  • Shawn Fanning (Napster founder)
  • Dustin Mierau (developer of Macster – Mac Napster client)

 Path is considered a one of the high quality Social Networking application, to simple it down Hypothetically “Path = Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Foursquare”, that means path is although being a single application offers users the power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc all under this application and this is the main reason why I think Path has the capability to outnumbered top social networking website by luring users from Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Although People are parting ways from social networking websites majorly due to the privacy concern but Path a “high quality” social networking application which is very simple as well as user friendly which focus on quality not quantity (and will help social networks like Facebook, twitter etc to take off some no. of users burden 😛)


So simply by using path any user can post content on various social media networks like Facebook, twitter, instagram, foursquare etc which saves a lot of time (logging to applications and posting one by one is quite irritating) and becoming the major connection of activities, by adding an innovative experience with ideal design & content, simply transforming social activity into a “Digital Journal”.

Path is a ‘personal social network’ that is meant to share your personal space with you close friends and family members. It has a limitation on number of friends that helps users to focus on quality not quantity. This is the main reason why Path is getting popular day by day as the idea of sharing with people who are very close to you gives you the confidence and you can be care free hence more liable to contribute without nervousness or anything that can hold you back.


Path is also a Picture Sharing Application just like Instagram where you can apply various filters, lens etc and edit the image as per you liking. Image sharing provides the real essence of Path. Snap one picture from your Smartphone then you can easily tag it with numerous people, places or things; you upload it and show off to your circle on Path. Once you upload it your post will be displayed on their Paths so you need not to remind them again and again to view. One of the unique and innovative things with Path is that there is an option called “See” will display all the details of you friends who had viewed your photo, this give you the power to keep a track of friends who see you images &  who show real interest in your uploaded images and to whom you’ve to remind again to see that image.

Why Path is so Special???

Design and User Interface – Path comes with an absolutely stunning interface which makes you fall in love with itself. Post here called “Moment” which can be viewed with the time it was live when we pull down the screen and a clock on top right cornet to keep a track of time. Smooth and user friendly interface (swipe screen to left to find friends and push screen to the right to view options)

Path is an alternative to Instagram too – Path provides a photo sharing function where you can edit your image with various tolls such as filters, lenses etc and it is all very easy and quick without any hassle.


Conversations are simple than Facebook –  Although liking or sharing any post on Facebook makes it a little complicated but surely serves the purpose as it doesn’t offers variations therefore user is bound to comment to express and share views. On the other hand Path allows you to communicate with emoticons which can express your views in a more fun way that too elegantly (smiling face, frowning face, sad face etc).

Path allows communicating with videos also – What if I told you that Path can give you the power to communicate via videos for example on my last birthday (why do you want to know when was my birthday ?) I received a video response wishing me happy birthday and trust me I felt great and so will other users getting video responses which are much more advanced and hence the far better way to express your views which will certainly add on to the overall experience while using Path, when you click on any video response it is played there only and not automatically switch to full screen mode which I really appreciate.

Tagging is real easy – Add any moment and tag people and simultaneously add location (click on lower left side to tag people) as soon as you start tagging, to keep it simple Path will automatically show you the friends with whom you recently interacted (which is much more better than searching for a friend to tag from your hundreds of friends on Facebook.)


Best of Special Friends and Family members – limiting friends on Path it gives you the quality and apart from sharing it with close ones you can also stay updated to your closed ones. This makes Path much more useful communication than any other social network present.

Millions of People are using Path – It is getting popular day by day and its global so irrespective of the distance with your special friend Path will become a bridge to connect you in an unique way.

Now you got to know all about Path application and i’m sure this mobile application will soon take over the social networks giants due to its simplicity and high effectiveness. Did we miss something? or even if you want to add some more than please feel to drop in your views or comments in the box below.

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