LG One QUICK FLEX Display with 43 inch 4K UHD Touchscreen, Built-in-Camera Launched in India

LG Electronics (LG) the leading provider of innovative, customizable and feature-packed Commercial Display & Digital Signage Products & Solutions recently introduced LG One:Quick Flex (model 43HT3WJ), an easy to use, All-in-One solution for homes and offices. LG One:Quick Flex removes the little inconveniences in life by transforming and making the life more wonderful. LG One:Quick Flex has the potential to completely transform the traditional way of communication that has been created to suit the needs of the changing demands of the customers in the post pandemic era.

LG One:Quick Flex with its 43 4K UHD touchscreen is designed with a movable stand that fulfils the demands of different generations in a family with a touch solution. It comes equipped with camera, microphone and speakers making communication & collaboration clearer and easier. Especially when it can be turned, either horizontally or vertically, depending on users’ situations and needs. In addition to that Windows OS platform allows easy installation of on-demand application softwares.


Commenting on the product, Mr. Hemendu Sinha (VP and Business Head, Business Solutions) from LG Electronics saidour lives are an endless succession of contact and communication with one another. May it be family, friends, co-workers, or business partners, we are constantly interacting with people no matter where we are. We wanted to make this interaction and communication experience easy & pleasant without any limitations of time and space. This led to the launch of LG One:Quick Series that allows users to do multiple things they want simply and quickly with one device. Now one can focus on this life and spend their time on things that are far more valuable and important.

One:Quick Flex For Effective Collaboration

LG One:Quick Flex is intended for a wide range of home and business applications. Video conferencing, online sessions, small group meetings, one-on-one discussions and group presentations are all examples of these. It is also a great choice for hospitals and schools where people may be working, learning or communicating remotely. Consumers can now conduct online meetings and video calls with ease because of the LG One:Quick Flex’s 43 All-in-one display, which includes a built-in camera, microphones and speakers.

One:Quick Flex, with its movable stand, can be used anywhere indoors providing flexibility of use. It can serve as a private office, a public lounge, a living room, a study room, a parent’s room or even a home gym, depending on the needs of the user. It also supports 90-degree screen rotation when using the dedicated stand, providing the best-in-class audio-visual experience.

The display works in both landscape and portrait modes and has a split-view for easier multitasking. Built-in microphone and camera, an intuitive interface, seamless file sharing, full touch pen support and whiteboard functionality complete the package.

LG’s most recent launch with the highly advanced display solutions is intended to provide an intuitive experience that boosts productivity and collaboration, taking home, school and office communications to a whole new level of ease and convenience in this changing era.

LG’s One:Quick Flex is now available in India.

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