This Halloween Enter the World of Dead with Latest Android Apps


Android never stops surprising its users. The Android devices are never in shortage of games and applications. This year too Android app developers have something for you and your device, and this is to celebrate the scary festival of Halloween. Here comes the series of spookiest Android apps which are going to show to you the sights and sounds unrelenting in horror and blood.


  • Halloween Planner

Halloween Planner

You wait for Halloween all throughout the year, and have prepared to present the worst Halloween nightmare. For this annual Halloween party, you made for yourself the phantom display but suddenly you forgot to carry the fake blood at the shop near the entrance. That shouldn’t happen to you, should it? Developed by Jimbl and priced at 99 cents, this app lets you plan and sort the countless tasks which you need to complete before the scary night arrives.

  • Ghost Camera Pro

MyNikko developed this app and offers to you at just $2.99. So, you wish to scare the hell out of your friend. Click them and this app then will let you superimpose the ghosts floating around them. It is fun to see your friends be dreaded by the fear that they are being looked upon by a phantom.

  • Demotic Magical Papyrus

And they say, papyrus is the key with which you can decipher Demotic Ancient Egyptian dialect. It helps one in studying magic in antiquity. Plus the spells by which you can cure the diseases, obtain visions and raise the dead. It has one kinky advantage- you can cast spell to fulfill your erotic purposes. So, what’s more? You have got your hands on Android app which helps you raise dead persons. You can avail this app from Apps Publisher at just 99 cents.

  • Angry Zombie

This apps makes you race against time. An angry Zombie has rushed in your neighbourhood, and you have to stop it before it creates destruction. You can do it by putting yellow stickers on the road. Perfect zombie smashing from now is game that is absolutely free of cost.

  • Ultimate Horror Sensation Quiz

Horror Sensation Quiz

At just $2.37, Handyx intends to test your knowledge if you can fight off the evil. Answer the sensation quiz which throws at you questions related to classic horror tales, books and movies. Learn to kill a vampire, fight back a werewolf, and send back a Stay-Puft Marshmallow man.

  • Halloween Party Pack

Want to rock your Halloween party? For that you don’t need to download Halloween tunes individually from iTunes and spend 99 cents each. Developed by VSSoftware and rated $1.00, this apps brings to you the top classic Halloween-themed tunes like “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” “Thriller” and “I Put a Spell on You.”

Halloween Party Pack

Not only this, there is a whole host of such ominous Halloween themed Android apps, which will send chilling down your spine. Android apps for Halloween can be downloaded from any site at the developer’s quoted prices. Enjoy the Halloween and keep giving the uncanny shivers to your friends.


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