Gifting Gizmos: Cool tech gifts under Rs 25,000 for your geeky friends

Welcome to the world of gifting for your tech-savvy friend, the one who’s always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the tech realm. In this listicle, we’ve curated a collection of the coolest tech toys that are sure to light up their geeky hearts. From innovative gadgets to cutting-edge devices, these gifts are bound to make their eyes widen with excitement. Whether they’re into gaming, coding, or simply love exploring the tech universe, we’ve got something for every geeky passion. Get ready to elevate your gift-giving game and surprise your friend with these futuristic delights.

Infinix Smartphones: Affordable Excellence in Your Hands

For a budget-friendly yet feature-packed option, consider gifting an Infinix GT 10 Pro/Zero 30 5G smartphone. With impressive specs, sleek designs, and innovative features, Infinix devices offer a fantastic user experience without breaking the bank, making them a perfect tech gift for your Friend/Family.

Price: Zero 30: Rs 21,999, GT 10 Pro: Rs 21,999

Samsung Galaxy A34/A14:

Surprise your buddy with the latest Samsung Galaxy A34/A14, a smartphone that pushes the boundaries of innovation. With 5G connectivity, large display, and versatile camera system for immersive experiences, this device is a testament to your commitment to providing the best in technology. You can easily buy Samsung A Series from Vijay Sales & Lotus Electronics.

Price: A14: Rs 19,499 & A34: Rs 24,999

Vivo Y Series Y200:

The Vivo Y200 offers a sleek design coupled with budget-friendly affordability. With its vibrant display, capable camera system, and extended battery life, it caters to users seeking reliable performance for everyday tasks. Its smooth multitasking capabilities make it ideal for staying connected and entertained, wherever you go.

Price: Rs 23,999

Infinix INBook Y1 Plus

The Infinix Y1 Plus boasts a sleek design and impressive features at an affordable price point. With its vibrant display, powerful processor, and long-lasting battery, it offers smooth performance for multitasking and entertainment.

Price: Rs 24,990

Infinix Y1 Plus Neo (2023)

The Infinix Y1 Plus Neo is a budget-friendly laptop designed for everyday tasks. It features a 15.6-inch Full HD display, an Intel Celeron processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage. It also has a stylish design, a fast-charging Type-C port, and a comfortable keyboard. Overall, the Infinix Y1 Plus Neo is a good option for students, casual users, and anyone who needs a basic laptop for everyday tasks.

There you have it – a handpicked selection of the coolest tech toys that will undoubtedly put a smile on your geeky buddy’s face. Whether they’re into transforming their workspace into a smart haven, exploring virtual worlds, or capturing stunning aerial shots, these gadgets cover a wide spectrum of tech interests. Choose the one that aligns with their passion, and you’ll be giving a gift that not only sparks joy but also adds a touch of innovation to their tech collection. Happy gifting!

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