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Everyme is a group based private social network where users can create groups of its own and can add people they want to, like this the user can share the information with people they want to in safe manner. The groups created can combine family members, close friends or colleagues from office to share information easily using this application. Install it now and start creating group of friends you want to and share news feed using this application.

Features of the application:

  • The user can create groups having family members, close friends or colleagues from office to maintain confidentiality of information being shared.
  • The information shared in a group is private to the users present in the group.
  • To be on Everyme all a user needs is a smart-phone and an email address, later anyone can share or sent content to each other using this email address or through texts.
  • The user can associate images to the groups that can be removed or changed anytime the user wants.

So install this application now on your Android smart-phone to create groups and stay close to your near ones anytime and anywhere the user wants with this application.

DOWNLOAD the application for free to enjoy sharing of content in a secured and beautiful manner.


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