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In the Medieval period, the pigeon was used to carry messages from one place to another and with the development of technology there were many changes and with the requirement many new means of communication were introduced like telephone, internet  etc (pigeon included 😛), but at times it is not possible for us to have a conversation on phone, for such situations text messages were developed and were known as SMS (Short Message Services) where you can communicate or express yourself in 160 alphabets. Although it got popular in the beginning but the lack of real-time conversation and inability and restriction to express ourselves completely motivated companies to develop real-time messaging service like Hike, Imo, WhatsApp, BBM etc.

Scenario hasn’t changed much as sending SMS is still considered as old fashioned especially when you can have real-time conversation and can also save some money while sending text messages, pictures, videos and more.


Do you know that eBuddy XMS allows you to have a Group chat of upto 30 people at a time which is available on all platform and you can add friends if you have them in your contact list or even if they are not in your contact list you can add them via XMS PIN

eBuddy XMS is available for following platform :-

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS
  • Windows 7
  • Nokia
  • Meego

eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS will scan your contact list and you can start conversation with your family and friends who are using this app, that’s not all, you can also send invite to your friends and family to install this app and then you can start the unlimited and real-time conversation on eBuddy XMS. While other messaging services are starting charging you this app is totally available free of cost.

There are many Fun stuff you can do from your eBuddy XMS

  • Set a profile picture from your Albums, Camera or even Facebook.
  • Share location with your friends
  • Add fun stickers to the pictures you send with eBuddy XMS!
  • Add speech bubbles to pictures and have even more fun
  • Nearby feature – chat with friends or other XMS users around you!
  • Access eBuddy XMS even from your computer
  • Send Videos to friends and Family

ebuddy xms 7

To round up eBuddy XMS is available all the over world irrespective of the country, Smartphone etc you are using which helps you to stay connected with your friends while having real-time conversation and that to cost efficient. Real-time messaging was never so easy and with the ability to use eBuddy XMS from your computer makes it even more realiable and flexible enough to enjoy messaging services with the comfort of keyboard. eBuddy XMS is Highly Recommended application from our side.

Download: eBuddy XMS

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