Dandera Ventures Launches OTUA Electric Cargo Three Wheeler

Sustainable Mobility startup Dandera Ventures today launched India’s most advanced cargo electric three-wheeler, OTUA. The cargo EV sports several industry-leading features, including highest volume, highest load carrying capacity of 900 KGs, and the longest range of 165 kilometres on a single charge. OTUA variants to be priced between  ₹3,50,000 – ₹5,50,000  and will also be available on a subscription basis. The vehicle is targeted for use by logistics and last-mile delivery companies and will soon be available for retail purchase by individual drivers or owners in select markets across India.


Today’s launch of OTUA marks a significant milestone for India’s logistics and last mile delivery industry as it prepares for transition to sustainable mobility. OTUA has been designed completely from the ground up as an electric vehicle and is a 100% indigenous product, with all parts and components, including the batteries designed and manufactured in India. Dandera Ventures’ R&D division has designed and engineered OTUA’s battery and drivetrain with the single goal of surpassing both end-customer expectations as well as current industry standards.

Key OTUA features

  • First cargo EV to be designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle

  • Industry’s highest range of 165km on a single charge*, further expandable to over 300km*

  • Industry’s largest carrying volume of 183,CC *

  • Industry’s highest load carrying capacity of 900 KGs*

  • Best-in-class road visibility for drivers

  • Unique aerodynamic design that reduces the ‘air drag coefficient’ by 25% over comparable vehicles

  • India’s roomiest, and ‘air-conditioning’ compatible driver cabin

  • Connected EV – comes with its own Driver and Fleet management app

* when compared to currently available cargo three-wheelers in the L5 segment

Founded in 2018, Dandera is a sustainable mobility-focused startup with a vision to develop and market world-class sustainable mobility products from the ground up. The Founders of Dandera, Kshitij Bajaj and Kanav Manchanda  are senior industry professionals with decades of experience in automotive design, business management and operations between them.

India’s commercial EV market has seen rapid growth in recent years. Electric three-wheelers

made up 47% of all three-wheelers sold in the previous financial year, as per an analysis by EVreporter magazine of the Indian government’s Vaahan database.

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