Best apps to be used during odd/even rules in Delhi

Private vehicles will be allowed to run on the streets on alternate days depending on whether their licence plates end in even or odd numbers, the government declared a day after it faced criticism from the Delhi high court over the city’s mounting pollution problem.

The method, more commonly known as road space rationing, is followed in various forms across the world, though experts said implementation could prove to be a major challenge as well over two million vehicles would have to be kept off the roads every day.

There would be a lot of challenges considering the rule that an individual would have to go through. We don’t have any other choice, but there are some of mobile apps that can help you in this situation.

Below are some of the best apps that you can utilise during odd/even rules




Voodoo: Voodoo app will help Delhi in odd/ even formula where Voodoo helps you in tracking surge on different cab applications. Know the availability of the cheapest and the nearest cabs available to you, across all apps & book with one click. Why waste time opening all the cab service apps to check the availability?


Helpchat: Helpchat is your very own personal assistance messaging platform that you can use to ask any queries related to odd/even rules. You can also utilise the app to book can from any of the taxi aggregators.


FrndiNeed: A socially enabled app that helps in utilising your geo-location to make every day travel smoother, safer and economically viable. Pronounced as “Friend-in-Need”, this app lets you find your nearby friend and ask them for Lift, Poke them for instant plans or even Plan a Meet Up. Users can also use other features including Packing Planner and press the SOS tab for help in urgent situations.  You just need to a Request a lift from within the network of FrndiNeed. All you need to do is locate your friend and call or text asking for lift. After your friend accepts your request, the app would help you with route to reach your friend.


Uberpool: Uberpool could be useful for carpooling service while travelling in the city. It helps commuters to share a ride and split the cost with another person who happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route. Riders can save up to 50 per cent, while adding only a few minutes of time per trip. With the lower prices, people can move past car ownership, as taking Uber becomes less expensive than using and maintaining a personal vehicle.


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