“Anticipating Strategic Boosts for India’s EV Sector and Fintech Innovation,” says Revfin’s Founder & CEO, Sameer Aggarwal

Mr. Sameer Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Revfin, said –

“As we anticipate the Union Budget from the newly formed Government, India’s electric vehicle (EV) sector beckons a strategic shift towards holistic growth aligned with the net-zero aspirations of Bharat. We anticipate government backing in green initiatives, particularly in the EV sector. With significant investments required for financing EV purchases, fintech companies like ours can play a vital role in facilitating access to funds, thereby promoting sustainable mobility solutions.”

“Additionally, as the fintech market in India is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2030,  we look forward to the government introducing clearer regulations and supportive policies in the budget to drive innovation, focusing on streamlined regulatory processes, increased funding opportunities, and enhancements in digital lending, SME financing, and cross-border trade facilitation.” explained Mr. Aggarwal

“As we approach the new budget, our expectations are high for measures that will support the fintech industry’s growth and contribute towards a greener, sustainable future, fostering economic growth and technological advancement in the EV sector.”

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