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I recently got the chance to experience a professional networking app called BlueTie. I found it as a really interesting medium to connect with individuals  for professional purposes.

BlueTie is available for both Android and iOS devices. This innovative professional networking platform’s purpose is to deliver consumers the authority to determine and access the right professionals outside their individual network. This is a modern way to connect with professionals.This is a much simpler and effective method for today’s working individuals.


Blue Tie is founded by the brother duo, Kalyan Garud, the founder of La-Tigid, and Kunal Garud, the founder of Shrooms Creatives. BlueTie’s ambition is to solve the challenge for professionals to connect, network and collaborate in today’s ‘connected’ age.  

Blue Tie app allows the users to search for professionals or get searched by them, for a specific skill set, software proficiency or professional certification.

The Advanced Search feature comes with smart filters.

BlueTie app which is filled with particular innovative features, first of which is Objective based networking. Through this App, I can just select my networking objectives, and the app shows me profiles of professionals with correlating objectives. These objectives can be Exchange Ideas, Provide Mentorship, Seek Mentorship, Strategic Partnerships, Hire Talent, Explore Job Opportunities, Discover Freelance Opportunities, Make an investment and Seek Funding.


Then comes “Search by Forte”, which allows me to find specialists based on specific skill set or software ability that I am looking for. I too can get searched easily for my precise ‘forte’. Another feature allows me to keep a preset timer within which I can expect a response to the reach outs I send to other professionals.

Of all these innovative features, the one that I found most interesting is the BlueTie Pin which in my opinion made my professional communication all the more convenient and spam free. BlueTie Pin is a customizable contact detail, which can be shared with other specialists for all official message purposes. What I really loved in this concept is that I can participate with other professionals without the obligation to share my phone number or email address.

BlueTie is a modern networking platform which allows you to learn and connect with specialists through various physical locations. With BlueTie, the potentials are infinite, and the opportunities, as far as you can reach. With this app you have a lot of opportunities like you can find venture capital financing or get mentored by industry experts. This App provides a great platform for users to find people with similar start-up ideas and also find those who can fund them. You can also discuss business networking and strategies and meet new people; as well as discover job or freelance opportunities, search for talent, etc.


I feel that the intention of Blue Tie Global is also to make an expansive global network which unites the world’s professionals on a common platform, allowing them to easily discover and access each other. And also the idea of BlueTie is attractive and I consider the objective-driven networking will be extremely helpful for today’s professionals. So, all you need is to create your BlueTie Pin and use it to make all your specialised communication more effective.


I personally suggest you to download the BlueTie app from Google Play store or Apple App Store. For EarthAndroid readers, you can completely avail one month of free subscription by using my referral code earf0f97 during the registration process.

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