Microsoft releases Digital Civility Index- Encourages people to be more civil online & reveals millennials having highest lifetime risk exposure of 77%

Today, on Safer Internet Day, as part of its efforts to create a safer internet, Microsoft has announced the 2nd Digital Civility Index (DCI) report, with India surveying at No.  7 with a DCI of 61%. The DCI is based on a survey completed in May/June 2017 to gauge the attitudes and perceptions of teens (ages 13-17) and adults (ages 18-74) in 23 countries about the state of digital civility today. It asked questions such as “which online risks have you and your close circle experienced, when and how often have the risks occurred, and what consequences and actions were taken?” — and it measured respondents’ lifetime exposure to 20 online risks across four areas: behavioral, reputational, sexual and personal/intrusive.

The scope of research this year was increased to encompass 23 countries and 20 online risks (nine newly included countries, three added risks). The Index reveals that a person has experienced an average of 2.6 online safety risks out of the 20 included in the survey, with the top 5 risks being unwanted contact, hoaxes/fraud/scams, being treated meanly, receiving unwanted sexting messages, and trolling.

Additionally, as a 14-year SID participant, Microsoft is rallying global consumers to take the Digital Civility Challenge ( http://www.microsoft.com/digitalcivility)  and treat each other with respect and dignity online.

The report reveals several meaningful insights for India, including the following:

  • Millennials had the highest lifetime risk exposure of 77%
  • Nearly eight in 10 millennials experienced a consequence from online risks
  • 20% of online perpetrators were family or friends
  • 47% females reported higher consequences as a result of harassment
  • Respondents ranked a “loss of trust in others, both on- and offline, increased stress, and sleep deprivation” as the leading, real-world consequences of negative online interactions

With the availability of the Challenge and Index data, Microsoft hopes policymakers, companies, and consumers will consider the need for a safer, more respectful internet and leverage the evidentiary base for a global push toward “digital civility.”

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