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Tired of sharing heavy files as notes and not able to use it? Missed a video lecture and not able to get the updates on your phone? Poor network stopping you from downloading notes?  Insufficient storage comes as a hitch while exchanging valuable information? Let’s be honest and admit that all of us have bunked college lectures and tuitions every other day, and the most difficult part the next day was to cover up everything that you missed. From Tuition and coaching class notes to all the lecture notes and presentations, it becomes difficult to bunch up everything in place and use it for yourself, when you need them the most. Sure, you could study the old school way: Pen, paper and a textbook, copy notes from your friend’s text book, or just download an eBook?

We all have that one nerdy friend in our group, super studious, who has never missed a class or a lecture and is the only friend who comes to our rescue for copying notes whenever we have missed those important lectures. But, What if you could now view those documents, video lectures, illustrations, present in your friend’s phone, on your smartphone or a smart TV without any additional hardware or  without having to transfer these documents, without any Internet 

VuLiv Player has the answer!

To reduce the cumbersome process of sharing your semester notes and exchanging all other important announcements that you miss in college, VuLiv Player, a smart media player, brings to you VuShareTM ,  the world’s only mobile technology for simulcasting a user’s Videos, Music, Photos, documents on any multiple screens including Smartphones, Computers or even Smart TV without any additional hardware or the need to transfer the file or even without internet or any additional cost.

Share without worrying about network, data or storage with VuShare. Exchange notes, videos, lectures and everything important by just creating your own hotspot and sharing all the essentials, within seconds. And what’s best is that it won’t even consume the mobile data and storage.  So now make VuShare , the one stop shop for all your notes this ,Finals.

School authorities and managements can also use the app to broadcast notices, certificates, sample test papers and semester test results to students. All they need is to use VuShare to beam a dedicated super-fast network. Students can join in and get access to all the documents seamlessly without internet and without need of transferring or downloading files separately.

The app uses its own proprietary software technology to connect with multiple smart devices at same time & creates 1 host to manage playback controls or playlist combinations. The technology is native to smartphone hardware and allows the host to beam dedicated speed upto 80Mbps for each connected device with no loss of content quality or buffering unlike faced even in a good 4G network. Friends can create their playlists and consume content on the choice of their screen size or the sound systems, as each one of the VuShare session members have individual playback controls. Users just need to click on the VuShare icon on the app, select the content of their choice present on the device and enable a VuShare session to watch a favourite video together with friends.

Now NO 4G Network or 4GB RAM Smartphone required, this advanced technology in VuLiv Player is a holy grail for college students who run their month in a limited budget. The Application is available for free download from Google Play or Apple Store.

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